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My Story

 I grew up in the town of Mayfield, Kentucky, and now live on a small farm just outside of Mayfield in Graves County.   

At a Young Age
I loved admiring God's creations that he has continued to bless us with. I grew up in a family of many talented artists who inspired my love and passion for the arts. My uncle Ernie is a talented world-renowned  florist, my aunt Martha was a painter as well as a famous doll maker, and my uncle Albert is a famous stone sculptor and songwriter. My dad was one of my biggest influencers and supporter. He was a local stone sculptor and artist. He has many different sculptures  located around Mayfield. My grandfather and my great grandfather whom I never met were both photographers. My uncle Rod also dabbled in photography which is where I acquired my first Nikon camera. After his sudden passing in 1992 I was able to purchase his camera. It was with this camera that I found my love of photography. In 1997, I married the love of my life, Kevin, and in 2001 we had our beautiful daughter Kylie. As she grew up I was constantly taking pictures trying to capture every moment as I knew they would one day tell our story.  I am so very thankful to my family  for all their love and support as I grew my talent through the years. 

Sharing My Gift with Others
I've been photographing my daughter , family, and friends for more than 25 years. In recent years you can find me on the sidelines cheering on our local sports teams with my Nikon camera in hand. I've developed a love for sports photography and the joy it brings athletes and their families to see their triumphs and the story of these special moments captured through my lens.  I wouldn't trade anything for all the precious memories that are preserved in each photograph.  I love sharing my photography with others and often post my work online. I have been blessed to have my nature photography featured in magazines and displayed in art galleries. I am very thankful for this gift the Lord has blessed me with. 

A New Journey 
In March of 2020 during the pandemic, I had a major life change and found myself jobless for the first time in 31 years. At first, I was devastated but after the shock had worn off I realized it was a blessing in disguise. For the first time in many years, I slowed down and reprioritized my life. I began to study my Bible more and even made a prayer room. I began to pray for God to give me direction for a new beginning. It was then I began to feel the Lord nudging me to take a leap of faith and to take my life long hobby and make it my new profession. I want to be the photographer that capture’s your story. So here I am today, stepping out and taking a chance on something new and a little scary. I am starting my own business. I hope to use this gift I have to bless others by telling their own stories through the art of photography.​


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